96% of all victims of Human Trafficking are Women and Girls. Traded as commodities; bought, sold, exploited and raped around the world for profit. They are isolated, intimidated, sold into debt bondage and subject to physical and sexual assault by their traffickers. Most live under constant mental and physical threat. Many suffer severe emotional trauma, including symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and disassociation. These victims are hidden in plain sight. They are living in our communities, in our towns and villages.


Identifying victims of Human Trafficking in much like anything else in the world: unless you know what you are looking for, you won’t see it. CAHT have put together a short list of indicators/ things to look out for that may just save someone’s life and release them from a world of slavery. Click the button below for more details. Share this information with friends, colleagues and PLEASE Report any suspicions you may have to The Gardaí.

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